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Indenting Agent


Indenting agent is an agent of a company located in another country. Since that company needs someone local to interact with local business people, create confidence about the company, take and execute orders, it appoints indenting agents. Often considered synonymous with the term "buying agent," an indent agent is a party that seeks to function as the means of connecting buyers who need certain goods and services with sellers who have those productions and are open to entering into some sort of transaction.
    In addition to bringing the two parties together, we at IRASHA, also provide temporary storage facilities for the goods in question, such as warehousing (terms & conditions apply) them until the terms of the transaction are complete. We do oversee the actual shipping process involved, making sure that it is managed in whatever manner is most expedient for the parties involved in the transaction.We at IRASHA as an indent agent or a buying agent, would be focused on providing services

    To a buyer - meaning that we will attempt to locate and secure goods on behalf of client with the best possible purchase price and shipping terms.
    To the seller - Would work to locate a buyer, obtain the highest purchase price for the client, as well as arrange shipping terms that are in the bests interests of the seller.

    We normally provide our services under terms and conditions outlined in a mutually agreed contract. The typical contract will define the scope of activities and tasks that we will oversee on the behalf of the client, address the authorizations that the client is extending to us for use in performing those tasks, and state the terms of payment during the existence of the contract. Using an IRASHA International as your indent agent will be very helpful for the client as We have access to broad informational networks that the client may or may not have the resources or the time to use to best effect.
    By engaging us to manage the process of either locating prospective buyers for goods and services offered, or to find vendors for products that are desired, a client can save a lot of time and money, while also remaining free to devote more time to other important aspects of his or her business operation. Assurance of Ethical transactions within the limits of contractual terms.